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At Carolina Cosmetic Care we specialize in providing the safest, latest technology in laser skin resurfacing and tightening. Our office is committed to helping patients feel relaxed and confident from the first phone call, through every visit, and beyond!


Enjoy a Bigger & Harder Penis the Day of Treatment! If you can inject the mouth to give it a larger shape then why should you not be able to [...]


Improve Sex & Cure Urinary Incontinence with the OShot® It is estimated that between 30-40% of all women experience some symptoms of stress incontinence and/or female sexual dysfunction. Incontinence can [...]

Sonoderma Aquabrasion

Exfoliate your skin and stimulate collagen growth with Sonoderma Aquabrasion! Sonoderma Aquabrasion is a medical procedure that exfoliates using ultrasonic transducers instead of crystals and vacuum which stimulates collagen growth. [...]

Vampire Facelift

Ready to Stay Young… Naturally? If you want both the younger appearance a traditional, powerful facelift can give, combined with facial contouring inside of one minimally invasive procedure, the new [...]

Chemical Peels

Get smoother, fresher skin with a Chemical Peel Glycolic facial peels are one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures done in the US today. During the peeling process, the [...]


Improve your frown lines with BOTOX™ BOTOX® is the first and only FDA-approved prescription product that temporarily improves the appearance of both moderate to severe frown lines between the brows [...]

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